Intelligent protection™
For you, your family, your property and your business.

Kidnappings. Assaults. Brazen robberies. Corporate crime. It’s a dangerous world
– and the more successful you are, the more treacherous it can be.

Gold Bull Security is the leading provider of intelligent protection services in Santo Domingo and everywhere throughout the Dominican Republic. “Intelligent protection” means we don’t just provide muscle – we use advanced intelligence gathering and threat assessments to mitigate risks and thwart the
bad guys before they attack.
We provide a wide range of security services throughout the whole country, including bodyguards, close protection, sightseeing, investigations, chauffeur, etc.
Because the best kind of protection is to avoid trouble in the first place.

With a team assembled from the best of law enforcement, intelligence and military professionals,

Gold Bull Security offers:

  • Intelligence

    From background checks to surveillance, to intelligence gathering and monitoring to finding and thwarting corporate espionage, Gold Bull Security uses advanced tactics and techniques to turn intelligence into a strategic weapon.

  • Protection

    You, your loved ones and your property might all be tempting targets. Gold Bull provides personal security, including armed bodyguards, as well as protection for property, events, freight and cargo and more. We also offer trained chauffeurs and can take you and your traveling companions on safe private tours to secluded beaches.

  • Recovery Services

    Gold Bull can help you with recovery of people or property – fugitives and bail-jumpers, stolen valuables that have found their way into (or are attempting to find their way out of) the DR.

  • Training

    The professionals of Gold Bull Security are also expert trainers. Learn personal protection, how to handle firearms, defensive driving, SWAT team tactics and sophisticated intelligence gathering techniques.

  • Military and Law Enforcement Support

    Gold Bull Security supports military and law enforcement in a range of activities including intelligence support, operational support, humanitarian operations and more.

If you are planning a visit to the Dominican Republic for business or pleasure - or have or plan to transport valuable assets - please contact Gold Bull Security at your earliest convenience for a high-level assessment of potential threats you must be aware of.