Background Checks

A background check can save your business as well as your life.

Let’s face it: The world is full of not-so-nice people. Deceitful people. Dangerous people. And unfortunately, particularly if you’ve enjoyed some success in your life, at some point some of these people will find you. The risk of fraud, theft, identity theft, kidnaping and even more serious crimes is real.

Given this state of affairs, a thorough and professional background check is more important than ever – whether you’re bringing a caregiver into your home, hiring an employee for your business or contemplating a business relationship with a new partner or investor. The guy your daughter’s dating, the chauffeur who takes your wife on her errands, the gentleman who sent you an unsolicited business proposal – all of these should automatically trigger a background check. The possible consequences of not going one are too great.

Gold Bull Security professionals have decades of experience doing background checks on Dominicans as well as foreign nationals. Our team is able to check legal and arrest records as well as financial information and also uncover aliases and alternate identities a person may have used.