Corporate Espionage

Countersurveillance: It’s not just in the movies anymore.

Previously we’ve spoken about how we can provide surveillance services for you and your company.

But what if another company is engaged in surveillance of you?

Fortunately, Gold Bull provides countersurveillance – corporate espionage countermeasures – to protect you, your employees and your valuable intellectual property.

  • Intellectual property protection. Many of today’s most heinous corporate crimes involve the theft of intellectual property – the knowledge and inventions your company has worked hard to develop and that represent your current and future success. Gold Bull ensures that your intellectual property remains yours.
  • Personal spying protection. If you are in a position of authority, chances are there is someone who doesn’t like you – someone who would be very happy to learn your secrets and find ways to blackmail or embarrass you. Gold Bull will make sure that you are not being followed, wiretapped, remotely observed or followed through digital or mobile phone technologies.
  • Ongoing surveillance countermeasures. If you or your company is the subject of espionage or surveillance, it’s not a situation that gets fixed once and goes away. Gold Bull can provide ongoing protection as well as strategic advice to safeguard you, your family, your business and property.