Private Investigations

Discreet and thorough private investigations.

Knowledge is power. Knowing what is really going on – in your business, with a competitor, even within your own family – may be painful. But only with knowledge do you have the power to do what is necessary.

  • Gold Bull private detectives lead investigations into any number of situations in which you might find yourself.
  • Perhaps there is a competitor who seems to have knowledge of things he shouldn’t or to be engaged in activities you prefer he weren’t.
  • Maybe you are considering a business proposition but require more detail on your prospective partners.
  • Or perhaps you are being legally threatened by someone falsely claiming injury caused by you or your company.
  • Perhaps there is a question as to whether a spouse is being faithful – or your child’s significant other seems to be up to something but you don’t know what.

Gold Bull handle these sorts of investigations thoroughly and discreetly, acquiring the evidence while leaving no trace of our handiwork.