Property Security

What’s yours is yours. We make sure it stays that way.

Many visitors to the Dominican Republic bring along highly valuable personal property or valuable corporate assets. Typically these may include cash, bearer bonds, jewelry, precious metals, works of art and antiquities. They might also include other forms of securities and financial instruments.

Needless to say, in the Dominican Republic or anywhere, these types of valuables require secure and reliable protection.

Gold Bull Security offers a number of services specifically designed to protect your valuable assets and property:

  • Asset Protection: Our armed security guards and armored vehicles are trained, equipped and prepared to handle high-value property of any kind. For example, we can ensure you and your assets are transported safely from your hotel or villa to a banquet or ceremony.
  • Secure Storage: If you wish, Gold Bull can store your valuables in state-of-the-art theft-proof vaults made from advanced materials and outfitted with next-generation video surveillance equipment.
  • Alarm Systems: For longer visits we can custom-design a system with multiple layers of security including cameras, alarms and digital technology. Gold Bull security experts will serve as consultants to spec out and oversee the installation of the perfect system to ensure your irreplaceable property remains yours for as long as you wish to keep it.