Event Security

Take the danger and uncertainty out of events.

Events are important and high profile affairs – and thus very attractive to mischief-makers and evildoers. An event that gets out of control due to any number of reasons – drunks, gate-crashers, thieves, perhaps professional rabble-rousers sent to damage your reputation – this sort of event can cost you money, prestige and time lost in litigation and settlements.

Fortunately, Gold Bull Security employs professionals with expertise specifically in event security, crowd control and other related areas. Gold Bull will consult with your event producer to map out a security strategy to keep your event safe and law-abiding.

Security guards for the actual event itself can be either in uniform or plainclothes depending on your preference and the makeup of the attendees. (For some events visible security is preferable to deter troublemakers; for others, plainclothes is better so as not to disturb the enjoyment of attendees.)