Defensive Driving

Learn how to handle your vehicle like a pro.

Sure, you have a drivers license. And maybe you’ve watched a lot of car chases on TV.

But until you’ve been trained, you won’t know what your car can do and how to do it. Having that knowledge – and the confidence that comes with it – could be the difference between life and death.

Gold Bull Security will train you how to recognize dangerous situations and how to avoid them. And if they can’t be avoided, we’ll show you how to maneuver your car in ways they never showed you in drivers ed.

Not only will we teach you how to be safe and obey Dominican driving laws and customs, we’ll also show you what is commonly known as defensive driving:

  • Avoiding cars that are attempting to ram yours
  • Braking and swerving
  • Extended driving in reverse
  • Close corner driving techniques
  • How to lose a “tail”