Stolen Items Recovery

Stolen property? We’ll recover it.

Like any modern society, the Dominican Republic has its share of unsavory individuals who try to get rich by taking what is not theirs. And on this large island, with an understaffed police force, it not that difficult to make your items disappear.

The good news is, when Gold Bull is on the job, the bad guys don’t get away with it. And you get your stuff back.

Using advanced tracking and location tactics and technologies, Gold Bull will recover your valuables and return them to you. Working either alongside law enforcement or independently, Gold Bull employs numerous tactics including finding and interviewing witnesses to the theft; talking to known middlemen (called “fences”) who may know the identity of the thieves; and putting pressure on pawn shops and other merchants who may, knowingly or not, be offering your stolen items for sale.

  • Theft prevention: To avoid your having to recover stolen property, Gold Bull can deploy a number of strategies to keep your valuables from being stolen in the first place. One effective tactic is to conceal a location broadcasting device with your property. Then, if it is taken, we use GPS tracking to locate the items and apprehend the perpetrators.