In a world where threats evolve, vigilance must be active.

If you have any involvement with security you’ve probably seen it happen: Someone evaluates the security risks you face, implements steps to mitigate them and then sits back, confident that what is necessary has been done.

And perhaps it has – to a point.

But if there’s one truth about the world today it is this: It is always changing. The same digital and mobile technologies that allow us such freedom and give us such power from any location – those technologies also enable people with nefarious intent to change plans rapidly, easily and frequently, acquiring a new target, and seizing an opportunity that didn’t exist ten minutes earlier.

The result is that a security plan, however well thought through, can become nonoperational rather quickly.

Gold Bull Security understands that true security isn’t a one-time endeavor – it’s an ongoing process, with new information continually entering the system, triggering new possibilities and requiring new mitigation strategies. Our methodology – Active Intelligence Monitoring™ – is a set of tools, technologies and strategies that allow our professionals instantly to be aware of changes in the underlying threat profile and adopt new mitigation strategies on the fly, as needed.