Personal Protection

It’s reassuring to know you can protect yourself and your loved ones.

If you’re someone who has enjoyed a degree of success in life that is wonderful. Unfortunately, it also means you and the people you care about could become the targets of evil people who wish you harm.

Given that knowledge, how can you not take steps to protect yourself and those around you?

Gold Bull Security offers courses in personal protection designed to keep you, your loved ones and your valuable items safe. So you have the ability to thwart thieves, muggers, armed robbers and kidnappers instead of just finding yourself at their mercy.

  • Physical self defense:You will learn a number of techniques to protect yourself and loved ones or colleagues you are with. Note: this is not martial arts training, simply practical tactics and techniques designed to save your life by getting you out of harm’s way.
  • Avoiding capture: Sadly, kidnapping and ransom has become an institutionalized enterprise among the criminal element. We show you and those you care about the signs that you are in danger and the techniques that will allow you to survive.
  • Protection of personal items: Your valuables are, generally, what evildoers are after. There are steps you can take to protect your possessions from theft and make them more difficult to sell and thus less attractive to steal. We’ll teach you about security and alarm systems and how to determine the best kind of electronic security for your needs.

Gold Bull offers self-defense training to individuals as well as small groups such as family units and company executives. Find out more about Gold Bull self-defense training.