Armed Bodyguard

The security of having your own personal security.

Have you had success in life? Congratulations. Unfortunately, along with making money you’ve quite possibly made some enemies. And like it or not, you and your loved ones have become attractive targets for thieves, muggers, even kidnappers.

Gold Bull Security is the most trusted provider of security services in the Dominican Republic. Our team is comprised of professionals who honed their craft with state security forces and intelligence services, providing intelligent protection for celebrities, captains of industry and royal families – in fact, you can receive the same quality of protection enjoyed by the president of the Dominican Republic.

  • Close protection:Gold Bull provides close, personal protection – that is, a team of bodyguards whose sworn responsibility it is to prevent any unauthorized person from coming into contact with you and whoever else is receiving protection services. Far more than just “muscle,” Gold Bull professionals draw on realtime intelligence to anticipate and thwart threats before they have a chance to happen – leading to a safer and more pleasant experience for you.
  • Armed bodyguards: Specially-trained Gold Bull bodyguards are armed and offer advanced protection services for visiting businesspeople, dignitaries, their entourages and families.