Covert Surveillance

It’s not just what we watch. It’s what we see.

A trained observer sees more in a minute than an ordinary person sees in a day. And Gold Bull Security employs an entire team of trained observers, veterans of Dominican intelligence services.

These are experienced surveillance professionals with expertise in both close contact physical surveillance and also distance surveillance using high-powered optical equipment, listening and recording devices, GPS trackers and advanced cybertracking software.

Why is surveillance necessary? In the workplace, more and more companies are using surveillance techniques to thwart both petty theft (e.g., stealing office supplies) and also major crimes such as intellectual property theft, forgery, kidnaping and blackmail. With so much of value in digital form today, it is more critical than ever to be sure the employees working at your place of business are not engaged in corporate espionage, fraud or other potentially devastating crimes.

On the home front, surveillance techniques and equipment are typically deployed to ensure household staff (e.g., cooks, maids, caregivers, chauffeurs) are behaving in ways consistent with your expectations. Additionally, surveillance is used if there is suspicion a spouse is being unfaithful or a family member is involved with drugs.

Frequently, surveillance is used to enhance a background check. It’s one thing for us to look up records on a romantic interest or a prospective business partner. It’s quite another to be able to provide video, audio or electronic evidence.