Fugitive Recovery

We always get our man.

As we’ve indicated, the DR may be an island, but it’s not small. If a man doesn’t want to be found, there are plenty of places for him to hide.

Fortunately, Gold Bull professionals have decades of experience working in and with law enforcement and intelligence agencies, bail enforcement companies, bail bondsmen, fugitive recovery agents, private investigators, surety companies and skip tracer agencies. We have developed sophisticated tactics and techniques for apprehending fugitives, no matter how well concealed or dangerous.

Aided by advanced surveillance equipment and tracking devices, Gold Bull employs the best of both modern and old-school tactics. We will track down informants, known associates and others who may have information. We will follow friends and family members and when we find a suspect before we apprehend we will confirm we have the right person and whether he is armed.

(In 2012 a British fugitive was caught in the Dominican Republic, which is where he had fled after being convicted of stealing $62 million from investors in England. He lived under an assumed name in the DR and was captured only when fugitive recovery specialists were called in on the case. He was extradited back to England, one of the many countries with which the Dominican Republic has an extradition treaty.)