Threat Assessment

Identifying a threat is the first step to eliminating it.

People in our line of work live by a mantra: No surprises. If we can identify a threat then we can plan for it, monitor it, thwart it, contain it. Any general will tell you: the best battle is the one you don’t have to fight.

This is precisely the thinking and methodology employed by the world’s top private security firms as well as government intelligence agencies.

Being prepared means assessing threats from the complete range of possibilities, no matter how remote or far-fetched. We will never allow ourselves or our clients to be blindsided by a failure of imagination.

  • Threats while traveling: Travelers, unfortunately, have become increasingly attractive targets. If you, your colleagues or your family is planning a visit to the Dominican Republic, whether for business or pleasure, please contact Gold Bull for a comprehensive assessment of your planned itinerary and guidance.
  • Threats to your business: Threats to your business can take a number of forms. In addition to threats to personnel, there could be threats to your facilities and infrastructure. Additionally, there can be threats to your digital networks and intellectual property. Gold Bull will help you identify vulnerabilities and game out scenarios for prevention, mitigation and recovery to help ensure your business remains secure and strong.
  • Threats to your transportation: Transportation is an attractive target and inherently vulnerable – but it doesn’t have to be. Gold Bull can assess your personal travel plans and advise you as to whether and where you are likely to encounter trouble. And we can provide the same assessments for personnel traveling on business and also for the transportation of valuable items and cargoes.
  • Unknown threats: Unquestionably, the most challenging part of security is assessing unknown threats. By definition they are not known; so how can they be identified and planned for? The job of Gold Bull Security is to imagine the unimaginable and be sure you are safe even in the face of threats that haven’t materialized and, we hope, never will.