Threat Mitigation

Threats are like disease: Prevention is the best cure.

They goal of strategic threat mitigation planning is to reduce and ultimately eliminate risks and the potential for causing harm.

Identifying risks and evaluating them in terms of their likelihood to occur and the level of threat the present is core to the strategic threat mitigation planning process. Gold Bull will work with you and your team to develop and implement strategies for:

  • Elimination: Determining the source of the threat and neutralizing it so it is no longer a danger.
  • Opportunity reduction:Determining how the threat is likely to materialize and cutting off opportunities for the would-be perpetrators to strike.
  • Consequence minimization: Implementing strategies to ensure that even if the threat cannot be eliminated, the amount of potential damage is as insignificant as it can be.

Strategic threat mitigation planning is at the heart of Gold Bull’s methodology of intelligent protection. Protection without intelligence is just mindless muscle. Intelligence is called intelligence for a reason: It’s the smarter way to proceed.